_ Source: Steam

On the digital distribution platform Steam, the big fall action has started. Until 29th November at 19,00h, you can find more than 13,000 titles in special offer. Among them, you can find Blockbuster-titles like GTA V and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, with a price 50% discounted, likewise Fallout 4 with a 67% discount.

In addition to the best deals, you have the possibility, during the special offer period, to nominate your favorite game of the year for the Steam Award 2016.


_ Source: Steam


In 8 eccentric Categories, you can choose your favorite from the entire Steam game library:


The “Test of the time” prize

 This prize is for a game that today is still good as the first day you discovered it. New games are great, but it’s the same, because you will always come back to this game.


The “I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye” prize

 Games are great. But games could sometimes become something bigger, and in some way, they can enchant you in a way you couldn’t expect. The prize selects the game that emotionally moves you and makes you cry.


The “only 5 minutes more” prize

 Tomorrow you must wake up early. You have absolutely to go to bed, but you still have to manage a teeny-weeny matter in this game. Just a bit more. Just a moment. What? Is already 2,30h? This prize chooses the game that literally steals the sleep.


The “Wooooooowww maaaan!” prize

 Some games make you pull a face. Maybe is the unforeseen change in the plot. Maybe is only your wisdom tooth pushing right now. Anyway, this game IS SIMPLY FANTASTIC.


The “Rogue, the one who needs absolutely a hug” prize

 Some people need just a hug.


The “Game in the game” prize

 Surprise eggs. Peanut butter cupcakes. Marmalade doughnut. All awesome things with awesome filling. Like a chicken in a goose mantel, this prize chooses the best mini-games hidden in other games.


The “I found this game already cool, before it won a prize” prize

 This title was not strongly sponsored, but you found it, and still find it, great. Then you have recommended it to your friends and they liked it too. And now, this small game could receive a prize…but think about it: obviously, you first discovered the game.


And you can find other interesting categories on Steam.

More about this on the Steam Awards 2016 Nomination site.