So called Live Escape Games enjoy, in the last years, an increasing popularity. In the riddle role-playing games, called Escape Rooms, a small group of persons is trapped together in one or many small rooms. The goal of the game is to find a way out to leave the prison, in a determined time frame (mostly 60 minutes). For this reason, you must solve riddles and search for objects and clues that will help you in this task.

Now, it is known that Nintendo, with experienced Escape Game Promoter Scrap Entertaiment, have drew an adventure inside the Zelda Universe. With Defenders of the Triforce, is clear from the website, that you will not deal with a traditional Escape Room. You are not starting in a small room with a small group. In fact, it is about a story based experience, in which the many teams can investigate in a wide event area.

 Obviously, in Defenders of the Triforce, the players will interact with the classic objects and characters from the Japanese videogame series. For example, the finding of objects and the solution of riddles open up an entrance to new areas with more riddles. It sounds like a big fun, not only for Zelda fans, but also players without a previous experience with the game series can overcome the Live Escape Game without problems.