L’Oréal Professionnel

Changes are necessary to keep us going, they can give you motivation and vitality. Creating a new look for yourself is perfect for gaining self confidence and a positive attitude in general. But where to start?

You could go to the hair dresser and let them do the magic but if you’re one of those DIY-lovers I guess you already know what to do- so get yourself some nice hair tinting lotion and get ready for a brand new you! When you got the right product there’s almost nothing to go wrong. If you’re now wondering what the best products are, just read on further. We present you only the best hair tinting lotions for the best color out there- black. Deep, pure, timeless and elegant.

Number three: L’Oréal-Paris Casting Creme Gloss: It comes in 220g for 4€ which makes this product the best choice if you’re on a budget. Unfortunately it only lasts six weeks and doesn’t cover grey hair. On the plus side is to mention that it’s easy and fast to use and also it doesn’t contain ammoniac.

Number two: Wella Professionals Koleston: 16,62€ for 60ml may sound pretty expensive but this product creates a long lasting and strong coloring. Because of it’s oxidants and pigments you don’t have to worry about your grey hair anymore.

Number one: Khadi Nature Products Plant Hair Tinting Lotion: Of all tested products this one is surely the best of the best. This hair tinting lotion is plant based, henna and indigo will change your hair color in the most natural way. The best part is the coloring lasts not only super long which includes grey hair as well, it’s also eco-friendly and perfect for allergic persons. For 7,30€ you get 100ml of this wonderful product which is truly worth it.

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