Summer has finally arrived in all its glory, not only the weather is wonderful, there are also a lot more opportunities when it comes to fashion and beauty. Because summer makes everything better – almost everything. If you are someone who simply cannot get out of the house without makeup, whether it’s winter or summer, you should definitely take a look at these tricks, they will make your life easier.

  1. Less is more:
    In summer it is obviously very hot outside,which is why it is important to let the skin breathe, not clogging it with layers of Makeup. Instead of packing the face with various makeup techniques such as baking or cream Contouring, it is now time to apply as little as possible. A creamy highlighter (like ‘Sun Beam’ by Benefit) and a little concealer on your face are absolutely enough and will still give the skin the possibility to get touched by the sun at the same time.
  2. Setting Spray:
    However,  for those who cannot live without their beloved products and layers of makeup, should definitely get a setting spray. These can wonderfully replace a primer that usually creates an additional thicker layer on the skin and don’t feel really good in summer. The spray on the other hand refreshes the face pleasantly. Products such as ‘Fix +’ by MAC are perfect for summer.
  3. Dewy instead of matte:
    Yes,during the summer heat you sweat all the time, but in order to make the whole glow look trendy, you should replace your matte foundation with one that promises a so-called ‘Dewy Finish’. This will cause the skin to look as if it glows from within and also feels much better, since luminous foundations usually have a lighter formula than matte ones. The ‘All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation‘ by NARS is the perfect product for summer.