The upcoming March 17 marks a very important day: St. Patrick’s Day. The majority of the people know this day to be the very day when is legitimate to get absolutely smashed if you are dressed in something remotely resembling green (in some places, even the rivers are dyed green). But why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day if not as an excuse to drink as much as we can? Well, St. Patrick is known for being Ireland’s patron saint. This tells us that this Catholic holiday is indeed one of the most important ones in the country, comparable to Easter or even Christmas. March 17 is known for being the patron saint’s date of death, the very patron that allegedly chased the snakes out of Ireland. Additionally, he supposedly brought Christianity to the relatively pagant country back then and had also established monasteries. No wonder that we do not only host the popular parades at which people dress up in a festive green, but also a variety of church services. St Patrick’s Day is, after all, not only a day to drink, as it’s also a public holiday in Ireland, North Ireland and Newfoundland built on a rich foundation called tradition.

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