Sometimes, you get the feeling that all hotels more or less look the same. There is a foyer, a lobby, a reception, a restaurant next door and there is a pool where, at 6 am, certainly each and every daybed is already covered with a towel because… that’s how the Germans roll.

Those who seek adventure will definitely fall in love with the following hotels that can barely be surpassed in terms of extravagance and uniqueness. Here are our personal highlights.

The Ufo tree hotel in Sweden:

If you are walking through the woods of Harads, don’t get a heart attack if you happen to stumble across something looking like a UFO because there, one of the most bizarre hotels offers cool-looking cabins built inside tree canopies. The houses look like UFOs! And yes, there is also a UFO sauna.

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A fort surrounded by water 2km off the Isle of Wight:

The so-called No Man’s Fort is a manmade island built by the British around 1870 for self-defense against the French. The fort however was turned into a luxury hotel with 22 rooms plus a night club, penthouse suit, a lighthouse and other luxurious accommodations for the guests.

Click  here to spend a night on the fort:

The hobbit village:

Those who love the Lord of the Rings movies would do anything to spend the rest of their life in one of the hobbit houses. Well, the good news is that they do exist and are open for us mortals. The comfortable homes were transformed into hotels after the film shooting. If you are intending to come over to New Zealand, why not spend a night or two in Frodo’s neighborhood and take part in one of the Hobbiton Tour’s through Auenland.

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