After the weather has been teasing us all week with its beautiful sunshine, warm temperatures and mild winds, the weekend is finally at hand. Great! Winter is over, it’s time to celebrate yourself, your youth and the coming spring. Of course there seems to be the need of a fitting soundtrack. If you happen to need a little bit help finding new music, you are in luck. Because – caring as always – we gathered a few songs for you to start your musical journey into the spring.

The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

Ahh, the Stones. Voice of not only one generation craving for revolution, party and intoxication. Those guys still rock on after a live of drugs, rock’n’roll and STDs. So, if you are still thinking about your Sunday hangover, there’s no help for you.

Brenda Harris – Making Love will keep you fit

Talking about STDs, Brenda Harris has just the right soundtrack to get you into the mood for obtaining one. Combined with a groovy beat this is a song that will get you up not just to dance.

Motorhead – I’m so bad (Baby, I don’t care)

To round things up, we throw in another gem by famous rock icon and party animal Lemmy from Motorhead. Sadly, the old master of his craft died earlier this year, even though people said cockroaches would die before he does. But speaking about cockroaches, haven’t seen one of those lately…