Chanel Cruise Collection 2016

In the stark endless world of fashion, even a die-hard fashion fanatic will encounter terms that prove that fashion is indeed complex and not only based on the triteness of superficiality. One fashion phenomenon, which is surely known to every fashion-conscious consumer, sounds as though Tom Cruise has started his career as a designer. In fact, he doesn’t really have to do with the so-called Cruise Collections or Resort Collections. Although numerous renowned labels like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada and Chanel stir every woman’s blood with their Cruise Collections each winter, not every fashion fan knows the actual meaning behind such collections.

What exactly is a Cruise Collection?

Anyone will immediately notice the distinctive feature when examining a Cruise Collection. Despite the cold season, we often get to see smiling models in delicately flowing dresses. A lot of skin is shown and a wild summer feeling approaches us in view of the short skirts and delicate fabrics. In fact, Cruise Collections have been designed for customers who also like to travel during the winter, especially to the south to avoid the low temperatures. It’s therefore the spouses of rich men who especially appreciate such a collection.

Here are three of the most impressive Cruise Collections 2016.


In Cannes, Dior’s Creative Director Raf Simons presents a well-conceived, playful and light collection, awakening the wanderlust within.


On the contrary, Karl Lagerfeld put Seoul into the Chanel look by creating colorful, joyful designs that still cover the wearer in an elegant way.


Gucci goes romantic and nerdy. Floral prints meet ruffles, colorful patterns and nerdy horn-rims.

Traveling has surely never been so stylish!