Since the beginning of human civilization, fashion has expressed one’s origin and national identity, especially because fashion trends are based on cultural influences. That’s why many fashion designers who pay much attention to their origins integrate parts of their countries’ traditional attire into their collections in order to highlight, empower and show appreciation to their culture. Even though national borders are broken-up in the world of globalization and the fashionable French lady likes to sometimes go out in a modern form of a kimono, and although we welcome numerous guests from Asia in dirndls or lederhosen at the Oktoberfest, cultural influences and the relation to one’s own country still play a crucial role for a fashion designer.

This is why we will go on an intercontinental trip in this article in order to plunge into the world of three labels which cannot be any more different from one another. Nevertheless, they all share one common feature, which is the close connection to their home country visibly reflected in the collections.


The Ghanaian label AAKS, which was founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, focuses a lot on finest handcrafting and sustainable manufacturing. Traditional weaving techniques add a charming touch to the colorful bags and make AAKS into a victorious advocate of the ethnic chic.


Even the Japanese label Kenzo likes to create colorful fashion, shooing the dreariness from everyday life. Within the framework of one of the most popular Kenzo campaigns, model and actress Devon Aoki takes the viewer on a farraginous journey through pop elements and Japanese-inspired prints while seducing with her fascinating exotic appearance, which is also a distinct feature of the label.

Sabo Skirt

Blond beach hair meets sun kissed skin under the blazing Australian sun in the dreamy fashion campaigns of Sabo Skirt, which seductively brings together the lifestyle of Down under in short fabrics and sexy beach fashion like no other Aussie fashion brand.