Groomed and styled hair is the best way to emphasize your neat appearance. No one likes to see a neglected hair style with out-grown roots or damaged tips. Therefore, it is the highest priority for a job interview to invest a little more time into your appearance and get a couple of beauty treatments first. That way your future boss will take you seriously and is not going to be distracted by your terrible outer condition, to exaggerate it just a little.

To express myself clearly: never avoid a fresh hair cut at your hairdresser before an important job interview. The roots should be fixed and your split ends need to be cut so you can score with a neat appearance. If you just planned to dye your hair turquoise à la Kylie Jenner, you should do that after the interview to appear serious and leave a grown-up impression.

After such a makeover you can actually hardly do anything wrong. But if you are still uncertain what hairstyle is suited best, always focus on a more professional look. Hairstyles like the girly messy bun or soft beach waves are not included. Instead, try a sleek bun or a slicked-back ponytail. Who wants to wear their hair open should be sure to use lots and lots of hair spray and make sure to look as neat as possible.

But at the end nothing matters as much as your skills and talent, which is why you should never neglect presenting those the right way before your appearance.