I remember almost 9 years ago, I started to browse YouTube, which at that time was a completely new channel in the digital world. Naturally, I also stumbled across Michelle Phan’s channel where she uploaded a video on how to apply natural makeup. There was no hullaballoo or anything, just a friendly-looking young Asian student who was giving some beauty tips to young girls interested in makeup. Who actually ever imagined she’d become one of the most influential business women in the beauty world?

Time passed and her channel proved more and more popular with over 8 million subscribers worldwide today. Michelle Phan was able to find a niche in the beauty sector and was savvy enough to make use of it. After having uploaded the “Lady Gaga Bad Romance Tutorial” she had her final breakthrough. She became an official spokesperson for Lancôme and later launched her own makeup brand Ipsy with the support of beauty giant L’Oréal.

However, it was a project with premium beauty sample subscriptions that brought her to the top of the beauty segment. With Ipsy, Phan was able to build a company worth $500 Million. And there will be a lot more we can expect from the young American woman with Vietnamese roots. It must have been her clever yet authentic and humble way she has always approached her fans and viewers, which made her the Top Youtuber in the beauty section. It also must have been her terrific creative mind and talent, which made her a shiny example of a self-made millionaire. But most of all, she was one of the lucky people that were in the right spot at the right time. That’s what brought Michelle Phan so much success.

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Image: ©Instagram Michelle Phan