Summer at Bally  has a lot to offer this year! The fashion brand offers the man completely new opportunities with refreshing elegance. In the summer collection 2016, traditional classic male wardrobe encounter genuine newcomers. Bally brings these two together and thus creates a really interesting look.

Boring business outfits are past history! Bally is now capturing the fashion scene with urban pieces. Not only jackets, pants and shirts are rediscovered, as matching accessories have also been created. The maritime blazer with a gold double button line is just as indispensable as the turtleneck cotton sweater in white.

My favorites are the pants with feather prints, which end right above the ankle. In a well-conceived combination, it quickly becomes the eye-catcher and makes the refined outfit look much more nonchalant. Further highlights are thrilling long in the boxy shape. These are available in the favorite colors of the current season, including brown, olive and navy. Wild boots, casual sneakers and bags or backpacks provide many options to create a perfect look.

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