What could be better than an elegant outfit, showing all the benefits of a casual look? Well, the answer is: not much. Burton Menswear  is a label which focuses on masculine elegance mixed with young and casual style. Without frills, but with loving precision, subtle details and casual forms, Burton Menswear fashion convinces everyone at first sight.

The assortment consists of both casual jeans as well as business-pleated pants. You can also choose between sporty jackets and elegant coats. The combination of the various and more or less elegant or casual pieces reflects the brand identity. This sassy, refreshing mix of sportiness and chic combines work and leisure.

Thus, choosing your everyday look doesn’t only become easier, but it’s much more enjoyable as well. The latest creations are impressive. Casual print shirts, colored shirts and simple pants in trendy beige and olive as well as classic sweatshirts or simple shirts build up the collection, something you shouldn’t miss out on.

More Information: www.eu.burton-menswear.com