The shoe label of Nallik pursues its own philosophy, resulting in exceptional jewelry. The label is based in Berlin, where the search for stunning materials starts. Emotionality and individuality is the core of the brand philosophy. What is special about the jewelry is that mainly uncut gem stones are used. Those are then set in silver or brass.

Each piece of the product range is unique and is carefully crafted by hand. The sharp contrast between the living and natural stone shape and crafted metal has a very special aura. Jean Balke, founder and creative director of the label, shows the beauty of this contrast in three different collections.

Within Nallik Collections you’ll find the above mentioned raw stones meet silver or brass. All stones used, including opal, sapphire and tourmaline, have an effect on the body. They can exert healing, balancing or grounding forces when set in a necklace, for example. The same applies to Nallik’s Fine Collection with the only difference being the choice of materials. Gold is used instead of silver and the raw stones are replaced by uncut gemstones.

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