Not every woman likes to wear jewelry because it sometimes seems too cluttered, if not almost intrusive. This doesn’t apply to Pilgrim, a Danish jewelry brand. Pilgrim normally creates golden jewels inspired by nature and representing a simple look.

The label’s history began in 1983 when Anne Mette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen created the first pieces of jewelry. At that time, those were sold mainly at festivals. No wonder, because the design has something very hippie and bohemian to it. Today, Pilgrim is internationally successful, but the creators remain true to their origins.

The compositions of metal, pearls, fabrics and stones can be re-invented over and over again. Aside from simple necklaces with charms, the collection of 2016 also includes colorful jewelry that is marked by colorful pearls and beads. Geometric structures are the eye-catchers of the selection. They are often re-interpreted together with rings, bracelets and earrings.

From chunky bracelets and big earrings, the collection passes on to simple necklaces, rings, watches and subtle futuristic sunglasses.

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