My graduate collection ‚A Tribute to Stanley‘ was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s ‚Eyes Wide Shut‘. Adapted from his movie, I dealt with visualization of emotions to create a new interpretation of evening wear. Sharp-edged, dominant, dynamic and precise alignment is a marked contrast to the typical silhouettes of evening gowns.

Selected and exclusive materials underline costumer’s uniqueness. The parts of my collection are made of high quality silk and hand embroidered lace. The separate parts are vertically or horizontal symmetrical and can be combined in many different ways.

In addition the choice of materials was carried out under the aspect of sustainability. I used organic silk and organic non-violent silk, produced fairly. The re-use of fabric offcuts combined with recycled and recyclable PET-yarn offered the creation of hand stitched lace with the basic idea of ‚low-waste‘. Handcrafted and machine-made materials create space to combine parts of menswear, for example, lapel collar, straight, non-transparent material and womenswear with body-hugging feathery lace. The basic idea to create ecological, vanguard, sportive-elegant evening wear is visible in my collection.

Text: Nora Wenzlawiak

Images: ©Julian-Keno Lilienthal