Calvin Klein’s jewelry line “Beyond” expresses sheer and minimalist elegance. Each piece of the collection impresses by abstract lines and a clean design and is an eye-catcher made to put the final touches to an outfit. These jewelries are striking, attracting attention in glamorous silver. From the neck brace to the ring, Calvin Klein “Beyond” contains an unparalleled modernity.

These pieces polarize! Not just because of the precise forms and the extraordinary shimmer, but also thanks to almost playful simplicity. The lines are soft, the shapes delicate and flourishing and even feminine. Curves are the basis of Beyond.

The asymmetric neck brace which is open towards the bottom can replace any necklaces. Creoles and multiple curved bracelets and rings can complete a look or be worn separately. The “Calvin Klein” logo are on every piece. It appears almost invisible on the shiny, silver steel.

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