George Clooney in Batman & Robin

Surely, for many superhero fanatics, Batman is not only one mere DC hero out of quintillions of universes filled with super heroes. He is one of the most human characters in the DC world because he has no superpowers like Superman. He didn’t fall in radioactive substances and he is certainly no natural-born male amazon or something along these lines. He is a human who makes use of high-tech equipment to make his city Gotham and the entire world a better and safer place. All in all, he is one of the best written and designed characters in the DC world, which is something most of you can agree on. Nevertheless, just like Batman, his creators are human as well. They too make mistakes. This is why we, occasionally, have to chuckle at a multitude of gadgets Batman used over time.

Let’s take a look at his weirdest superhero gadgets.

In the Batman series that aired in the 60s starring Adam West, Batman was definitely not the cool and dark knight as we know him today. Apart from kind of stupid jokes, he was equipped with a multitude of extremely weird and overly specific gadgets and tools that however were always employed at the right moments. One example is the shark defense spray. If you spray it on the shark, it will explode. But don’t confuse it with his ray defense spray and his barracuda defense spray… oh well.

However, there were also modern versions of Batman that didn’t really shine with sophistication. One of the worse adaptations is probably Batman & Robin, the eyesore in George Clooney’s career who had the misfortune to play Batman. To this day, Clooney gives everyone who mentions to have seen the movie their money back. One reason for the lacking pride in his not so glorious role as Batman was certainly the useless nipples on the Batman armor.

It’s not only the Batman on the screen who surprises with ridiculous equipment despite his genius. The comics seem to be filled with bizarre inventions as well – be it a pepper spray only used against female villains or a bat jet with installed roller skates.

Yep, you can certainly criticize the dark knight in many ways. But when it comes to creativity, he is definitely the Gyro Gearloose amongst all superheroes.

Let’s see what kinds of gadgets, Batman will use in the incoming movie adaptation Batman vs. Superman with Ben Affleck as Batman.

Image: : ©  Warner Bros