Whether it’s for a birthday, Valentine’s Day or simply as a nice gesture, a bouquet of roses is always a good way to impress a woman. Everyone knows that red roses are a sign of love. But what about the other colors and what do they symbolize?

  1. White
    White roses are considered mysterious. While white symbolizes innocence and purity on the one hand, at the same time it stands for renunciation or death. As a gift, white roses can therefore be understood as an expression of platonic admiration or as a sign of insatiable desire.
  2. Pink
    They are considered as the symbol of female beauty and youth, as well as a young love. The gesture is therefore seen as a token of love between fresh lovers.
  3. Yellow
    Who gets yellow roses from their partner, should be concerned about their relationship. While yellow roses can be a symbol of reconciliation, however at the same time they say that no passion is left.
  1. Orange
    The color orange symbolizes the opposite of yellow roses. It symbolizes happiness, fulfillment and happiness in the partnership.