We have decided to do one thing good…

We are Phil & Lui, a young and dedicated fashion label based in Munich and we have developed a true will to establish sustainable fashion in nowadays world. We have released our Label in January 2015 and our collections are rooted in the field of casual fashion for both men’s and women’s wear. We have decided to do one thing good.

We produce our garments in Portugal according to the sustainability guidelines of GOTS. Besides long lasting, super-soft organic materials we focus on unique looks that are characterized by individual prints, expressive washings and a distinct love for details. At the same time our styles are repeatedly unisex and reversible. Individually written philosophies are an essential part of each and every collection. They emphasize the character of each collection and represent the emotional value of our brand.

STORIES that are told by the details within…

STORIES that are told by the details within… Apparel plays a vital role in our daily life and therefore is directly linked to how we perceive
the world around us. That is why it is our utmost wish to keep in mind the social and creative value of apparel as a daily companion. We want to sharpen the perception of the carrier and want to enable him to witness and even more create his own sphere of influence.

Consider the Unknown – Sense things that aren’t obvious at first sight.

More Information: phil-and-lui.de