When we are talking about transdimensional beings, the first thing, that comes to mind, are distant alien civilizations, who have mastered the art of gravitational waves, traveling at the speed of light  terraforming another planet. But what would you say, if I told you, that you are a transdimensional being yourself? Well, at first, you would certainly proclaim, that I would be a madman. How should you be transdimensional, if the farthest way you’ve done this day was going to your neighborhood bakery?
Well, according to modern day physics, space and time are an inseparable entity, meaning that our world and the whole of the universe are not a three dimensional space that evolves in time but more of a four dimensional geometrical space in which time takes the fourth ?axis?.
In this sense, you are a geometrical object in spacetime. There is no future for you, nor a past, there is only you. Every moment just is.
Of course, this poses major questions for philosophical questions for the concept of free will or the believe in our ability to change the future. Well, don’t worry, because there is a small thing called the multiverse theory. According to this theory, there are an infinite amount of universes, everyone a little bit different than the other. (Think “Fringe” or “Rick and Morty”)
According to this theory, with each and every decision you make, you are in a way switching between dimensions.
Do I take my right or my left hand to pick my nose? Bahm! Another dimension. Do I want to eat noodles or potatoes this day? Swoosh, another dimension! Do I want to go partying or have a nice and calm evening with my significant other today? Boom! Another dimension!
And someone say science is boring again.
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