Valentino – the name of a legendary fashion brand synonymous with high fashion. In its avant-garde collections, the label presents trendy creations which are meant to place the man and woman in the spotlight. Lovely details, elaborate designs and exceptional fit are its most important features. Red dresses are remarkably hot and are also represented in the current range.

Red dresses attract everyone’s attention! The sensuous color is perfect for those who want to stand out, which is why Valentino displays it in numerous different styles while playing with the extravagant appearance. The clothes look very sensual and often have bodycon silhouettes and special details like a deep décolleté.

Single-colored red dresses are not the only ones that are in high demand, as dresses with red embellishments are also currently very popular. Known for exciting motifs, Valentino carries this trend to the extreme. It is often the natural motifs that benefit from red highlights and embellish the fabrics of feminine dresses.

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