The work of the good-looking and charismatic hairstylist Dennis Creuzberg is currently seen everywhere, especially in fashion and lifestyle magazines, events, on TV or in music productions.

His passion is to help people become more self-confident with a perfect hair style so that they feel more comfortable in their skin.

This lateral bun hair style is perfect for everyday life or even the red carpet – it’s a timeless look that is ideal for those with longer hair. With these simple steps you can recreate it easily:

  1. Brush your hair to one side after using a curling iron.

  2. Next, tie your hair together with a thin hair tie.

  3. Create a loop in which the hair is placed below the hair tie.

  4. Put two fingers through the loop from underneath and pull the ends of your hair through it.

  5. Secure the leftover hair ends with some hair pins and fix everything with hairspray. Now you have the perfect hair style for any occasion.

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