Prestigious, famous and infamous – Brazilian fashion designer Ivan Aguilar tells a story with his extraordinary creations. In his designs, he focuses on the needs of a modern woman, putting them together into almost spectacular designs. His fashion combines wearability with drama, glamour with earthiness and elegance with street credibility.

The sophisticated creations are dedicated to a modern woman who seeks the whistle in a brand new glamour. A woman whose wardrobe is versatile, who’s not afraid of new things and knows how to stage herself. Simply a real power woman who knows exactly what she wants and where she wants to go. That’s why all kinds of seductive pieces that present upscale chic in a humorous way can be found here.

The emphasis lies almost always on the waist, highlighting it with the help of slim-fit designs. The hourglass shape is perfect for emphasizing the waist. Tops and dresses come in high-waist cuts together with a shy, playful sensuality. Details on the cleavage, such as waterfall cuts or maxi bows complete the collection.

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