There are a lot of crazy beauty trends in the world that are probably rather dangerous than anything else. One of these trends is from Brazil and is called ‘Candle Cutting’ or Velaterapia.

The technique that was discovered in the 1960s involves a candle that is used to remove the dead ends of the hair. Sounds crazy – but seems to work. To prevent the entire head to burn down, single strands of hair are twisted, so that the split ends stick out and can be removed with the candle easily. Furthermore, the technique allegedly opens the hair structure, so that the hair  is able to absorb moisture a lot better. And the best thing about it: After a Velaterapia treatment, your hair keeps the length it had before, while looking extremely healthy. The effects on the hair can be seen in the photo above that shows the results of such a candle cutting treatment in the Fenixia Vienna hair salon.

Stars like the supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio showed their fabulous candle-cut hair on their Instagram and drew a lot of attention to the Brazilian treatment. However candle cutting should not be tried at home because it can also end bad very quickly without professional knowledge.

Image: © Velaterapia Wien