Two decades ago the notion of cosmetic surgery was not exactly appreciated and accepted in Brazil. Doubts and prejudices concerning treatments of that range were the norm.

Today, in the constant lookout for the perfect body, plumper breasts, bigger buttocks and even a ‘younger’ looking vagina are all the rage in the Latin American country. In 2011 alone, more than 2,140 women underwent vaginal rejuvenation.

Reasons are varied. Some women experience flaccidity in their vaginal muscles. This can lead to partial incontinence and a lack of sensation during intercourse. This and the lack of control about your own body is the major trigger for most women to seek for help. Other reasons include dissatisfaction concerning the size of the labial lips, incompatibility with the sexual partner or ‘just’ the wish for a reconstruction of the hymen.

The Brazilian Vagina Rejuvenation combines the reduction of the labia minora, a vaginal whitening where needed and the sculpturing and formation of the labia majora on the basis of the natural body fat supply.  The whole procedure takes place under full narcosis and retails for about 10,000€ depending on the individual cases.

One of the major issues concerning the ever-growing trend is the lack of interest in doing research on the risks of such a procedure. The loss of sensitivity in your intimate regions, scarring and the ever-present feeling of numbness are just a few of the risks.

Image: © Brazil Women’s Beach Volleyball Team