It was a normal day in the Readthetrieb office. We worked hard, our keyboards were burning from the fast movements of our fingers that were typing up articles like there was no tomorrow. And then it happened. No internet, no electricity at all, no light. Chaos ensued. We ran about like headless chickens. But losing it was no solution either. So we called an electrician.

He took a few hours to locate the source of the blackout. It wasn’t a defect gadget that led to the chaos. It was one of our furry, cute friends that seemed to have caused the blackout because they couldn’t resist playing with the sockets. Furry friends, you are wondering? Oh, didn’t you know? Sometimes, our office feels and looks like a zoo, housing three cats and three dogs because we simply love animals. The culprit anyway was certainly one of our feline companions. But fortunately we could quickly fix the problem and start working again. The cats probably liked the hubbub they caused because they looked surprisingly pleased and satisfied after they did their mischief.

Well, at least, it wasn’t a day like another.