The term “craft beer” has been lately on everyone’s lips. Of course Berlin won’t get around it as well. The definition of craft beer is broad because not the particularly strong beer, but mainly beer with unique selling points, produced in small breweries, is attributed to that term. In Berlin, the craft beer scene has been booming for quite some time. It’s not for nothing that the German capital is considered a stronghold of the craft beer movement!

Craft beer is particularly about the craft of brewing. Far away from TV advertisement and gigantic breweries, masterpieces of the brewing culture are created in small breweries in Berlin. And it works! Craft beer is identified by its taste, which stands out from the usual beers. Fruity, bitter or hoppy, the Craft Beer scene is more diverse than ever.

The Vagabund-Brauerei in Berlin-Wedding is one of the many craft beer locations in the city. In-house bar beer lovers can test the freshly brewed delights on-site. These include the particularly rich seven-percent “Imperial India Pale Ale” and the “ABC America Wheat”, a fruity wheat beer.

In the Berlin craft beer scene, Brauhaus Südstern is another star in the sky. In addition to one of the strongest beers in the world (with an incredible 27.6% alcohol) there are also the root beers and various special types, including the Rudolph Christmas Ale with notes of cloves, anise and orange. Brauhaus Südstern always has new varieties to offer its clients.

Those were just two examples of the many small breweries in Berlin. Those who are interested can even join brewery courses. If you just want to try the beer, you should embark on a journey through the craft beer scene in Berlin and make a stop at the on-site pub breweries.
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