Low temperatures and the gloomy winter days make us long for more coziness. We want to cover ourselves in warm, cuddly winter coats, walk in padded boots and simply hide under blankets in a cozy corner.

Isn’t it also time to spice up our nails? Forget about the summer’s neon nails or glam glitter during Christmas time and metallic shades for NYE. It’s time to go fluffy!
MUA, also called MAKEUP ACADEMY, will help you to rock fancy fur nails with their fur-effect nails collection.

They come in five different colors, “Fluffy Puff” (a light soft pink color), “Fluffy Bobbin” (a deep royal blue color), “Fluff & Cuddles” (a deep burgundy shade), “Fuzzy Fluff” (a hot pink shade) and “Boo Boo Fluff” (a bright blue shade). All of them are available at £3.0, so you’ll definitely not go wrong if you just want to try out something new without spending too much on it.

On their website, you’ll find an easy step by step instruction, which is also available on YouTube. This is a great way to achieve fluffy nails that look luxurious and sweet at the same time!

More Information: www.muastore.co.uk

Image 1 : © eeeeknailpolish.com
Image 2: © www.muastore.co.uk