Celebrations, firework, that eternal hope for the perfect kiss when the clock ticks twelve and a whole lot of champagne – that’s New Year’s Eve in a nutshell for you. But what do we really know about this holiday? Let me enlighten you with some fast fun facts that you most likely didn’t know before.

It is said that for prosperity reasons, one should eat as many beans and peas as possible on New Year’s Eve as they resemble coins. However, if you want to avoid a year full of bad luck money-wise, you should stay at least an arm’s length away from lobster and chicken.

In countries such as Italy there are odd but fun traditions. The Italians for instance like to wear red underwear during NYE as this is said to bring luck into their lives.

The most common symbol that is associated with New Year is Baby New Year. He comes fashionably in a diaper and a black hat. It is said that the popular symbol ages into an old man in the course of that one year.

Statistics by National Insurance Crime uncovered that thieves are especially hard working during New Year’s Day. More than on any other holiday, vehicles are stolen from their owners.

In the light of this new knowledge we would like to wish you all a very happy New Year!