What we should buy our loved ones for Christmas? This issue seems to cause us trouble every year during the holiday season. Here are some incredible gift ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration:

Mom: For our beloved mother we have to think about something very special to show her how much she means to us. A spa weekend is therefore just the right gift as it enables her to relax and get away from the stress of her everyday life.

Dad: What you should give your father is probably one of the most difficult questions. But when you think about it, you will notice that fathers are only human and will love a cozy pajama with which they can watch the football game on the couch probably as much as you would.

Makeup-Lover: Whether it’s your sister, your cousin or your best friend, every makeup lover will appreciate the brandnew Gwen Stefani palette by Urban Decay. It includes not only everyday colors but also special shades, which makes it the perfect gift for any girl.

Lover: For your significant other there is probably no better gift than some cologne or perfume. With that gift you will always hit the nail on the head because you can make sure that he or she will be wearing a scent that both of you love.