Original men’s fashion is pretty hard to find. Demanding designs are rare, often way outnumbered by their simple and traditional counterparts. The fact that tradition is important is a given. The way we perceive it, however, is an entirely different story. And in that detail lies the true secret of the Swedish men’s fashion label Oscar Jacobson. The fashion house has aged well, it is over a century old and yet still en vogue.

The most recent lookbook may display the fashion of today but with a major twist. The suit is the main piece of the modern man in this season according to Oscar Jacobson. It’s the combination of class and smart casual that stands out from the rest. The secret behind the success is clearly the strong, smart and mysterious character of the pieces. He accomplished this unique state by adding individuality in form of straight cuts and exciting draperies to the classic design of a suit. Especially in the upper part, things get heaty. Everything is layered, starting from shirts to vests, coats, t-shirts and turtle necks. Add in the scarves, ties, flies and breast pocket handkerchiefs and the look is completed.

More Information: www.oscarjacobson.com