Apanage, a neat feminine fashion label, has launched a new collection called “Noire”, made for high-class events and the perfect look. The black fashion highlights the wearer’s elegance and softly emphasizes her personality. The creations are impressive and bold in a modern way.

Soft lines and lovely details are the features of every single piece. The focus is set on fit and quality and completed by a modern touch. Here we can find a combination of classic and ultramodern features, characterized by ostentatious, pioneering silhouettes. Despite the upper-class character, there’s not only floor-length evening gowns, but also romantic cocktail dresses and jumpers.

All those breathtaking pieces make the wearer stand out from the crowd. Each garment is made for a different event and for another side of the female personality, whether you choose the little black dress with lace details on the decollete or the turqiouse evening dress with the golden details on the waist and shoulder.

Minimalistic elegance meets simple coolness. This is a combination that is nothing to sneeze at!

More Information. www.apanage.de