Our online shop is full of surprises, especially if you’re looking for new, fashionable looks. If you want to find something chic for the next shopping tour with your girls or for a winter walk with your loved ones, you’ll find new, interesting trends by Orsay. The Orsay City Chic is combined with different statement pieces that complete each other in harmony.

Orsay’s new motto is “black and white”. It’s presented by many different elements, such as prints, viscose and miniskirts as well as leggings, sports jackets and blouses. The outfits combine the best of the classics with the most beautiful modern pieces. This nonchalant femininity tells a story of self-esteem, fun, youth and expertise in fashion.

Maxi-dots, fake leather and romantic delicate textiles define this urban line whose plain yet distinct elegance allows you discover it in many different ways. The black-and-white contrasts ensure an amazing color scheme that is completed by bold red. This collection shows a modern version of a traditional color scheme.

The Orsay city chic offers a bunch of feminine facets!

More Information:  www.orsay.comwww.styletrieb.com