Upcycling is something beautiful. You basically create something gorgeous and even artsy that furthermore has a purpose out of something that is regarded as low-priced or even as waste material.

Sustainability has never been this cute. Look at these cute DENIM dinosaurs for instance that were made for your pets to play with. You can choose between a brachiosaurus, trilobites or a stegosaurus. Thanks to the usage of recycled polyester, all of the stuffed dinosaurs are incredibly soft and safe for dogs to use. They are a very smart and cheap alternative to other overpriced animal toys because if we’re being honest, why spend a fortune on something that will be shredded and torn apart anyway? As long as the toy is safe to use and made out of hand picked material, it’s really the best of both worlds.

You can purchase the prehistoric animal toys made of denim on etsy.com.

More Information: www.etsy.com