House slippers are rarely seen as stylish or classy, but rather old-school and outdated. It’s not always true and I think we should pay more attention to these functional super shoes. Not only do they keep your feet warm 24/7 and ensure a perfect evening at home, there are also heaps of modern and stylish versions of them at the moment.

Warm, padded slippers are the dream for all of those who, just like me, suffer from ever cold feet. Let me introduce some of my favorite slippers which will never let you freeze again.

The trendiest slippers are possibly those from the house of Flip-flop which appears in the espadrilles design and outstanding metallic colors. This stylish house slipper is a must for everyone who can’t do without uniqueness.

The cozier versions can be found at Shepherd, which are also my absolute favorites. These fur lined leather shoes impress us with high-quality! Last but not least, I recommend UGG Australia, where a huge range of classical slippers can be found.

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