Those who place value on a homely atmosphere in their own four walls can surely relate to this. How do I exhibit and where do I position my favorite piece of decoration? Be it an heirloom from grandma, a wonderful find at the flea market or an expensive designer piece – how can I draw attention to it? With a couple of easy tricks, you can make your favorite piece of decoration or furniture the center of your interior decoration without placing it in the actual center.

First off, place your favorite piece of decoration in a spot that is clearly visible even if you standing by the door. Leave enough space between your treasure and the other pieces of furniture or decoration. Maybe place a lamp near it so you can lighten up the space where it has been placed.

If your gem is a picture, why not hang it up at a lower position? Hang it up in front of your couch. In this way, you don’t need to rick your neck whenever you want to marvel at it.