Don’t know any designer from Russia? Then it’s about time to get to know one or two . In fact, there are extraordinary fashion design talents in this country which is situated on the Asian continent. One of such talents is Lilia Kisselenko. The Russian fashion designer is a shining, rising star in the fashion scene. Her eponymous clothing line justly excites international fashion lovers.

In her newest collection, she concentrates on the basics without losing sight of modernity. The wintery creations feature unique cuts which Lilia uses to point the way towards the future. The most important parts of the winter collection are the jackets and coats, followed by contrasting tops and voluminous skirts and pants.

Volume is also the key to what the whole collection is about. It’s namely dominated by soft lines and voluminous shapes. What we find here is a new interpretation of femininity, marked by numerous oversized pieces that are paired with one another, providing an extravagant and urban touch.

Using a unique surface finish, gathers, pleats and wrapped elements, Lilia Kisselenko creates volume. Dark shades and their contrasts are placed in the foreground. Classical patterns complete the look, especially dots and checkers.

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