Natura Siberica is considered one of the most popular cosmetic brands in Russia and one of the highest quality organic cosmetic brands in the world. Many prestigious certificates confirm the high quality of the products made of natural ingredients.

But what’s so special about the organic products and how do they affect our skin and hair?

In Siberia, a unique region in Russia with harsh climatic conditions, the workers of Natura Siberica collect special herbs with their hands. In order to survive the freezing cold, these herbs have developed very protective active ingredients with antioxidant properties in the course of evolution. Natura Siberica uses this to preserve the youth and beauty in skin and hair.

Additionally, the brand is known for its social commitment which involves combatting unemployment in Siberia by hiring small Siberian peoples to grow and farm rare Siberian plants for their products. This is why Natura Siberica brought the first organic farm in Russia into being.

This eco-friendly approach as well as the efficiency of the products are definitely worth giving the brand a try. Let Natura Siberica convince you of the unique formula of Siberian herbs that prevents skin aging in a unique way.

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