Denis Simachev himself

Since the theme this week is all about Russia, I have to introduce Denis Simachev to you. There is just no way around this designer! The passionate couturier does not only impress local fashion fans, but has already received enthusiastic responses from all over the world as well. It is the free combination of Russian traditions with modern elements that makes his fashion so special.

He is something like the “Enfant terrible” in the Russian fashion scene and has proved this designation over and over again. In his collections, print shirts and the typical Russian fur hat which merge into a young, fresh look. His aim is to highlight the wearer’s personality by paying attention to details and uniqueness. Some elements are highlighted while others remain in the background, complete with finishing touches and accents.

The Russian heritage plays a crucial role as it defines the identity of the garments, which is why traditional elements are re-discovered and sometimes refined. Boundlessness is an important factor since the style is constantly progressing.

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