The Masa restaurant in New York City is considered one of the most expensive restaurants the world. Here you can easily spend  € 400 just for one dinner. Reservation should be made one month prior.

The restaurant serves Japanese food, especially sushi specialties, at its best. The chef Masa Takayama is taking his customers to a memorable journey through the  Japanese art of cooking. The food served at Masa is absolutely delicious and often unusual. Extraordinary ingredients like the poisonous pufferfish are prepared for instance at least for those who are brave enough to taste the deadly fish.

In addition, the fresh ingredients are flown in daily from Japan to New York City, which of course increases the quality and exclusivity of the food to a considerable extent. These are then cut and cooked by the chef with special techniques only a few chefs in the world have mastered.

As for the ambience of the restaurant, it can surely be described as extraordinary as well, because neither windows, pictures, music nor similar decoration should, in Masa Takayama’s opinion, distract his guests from eating.

Even the dress code is casual and comfortable despite the exclusivity of the restaurant in order to be able to concentrate entirely on the food.

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