Almost every girl dreams of a romantic date like the ones from old American movies. A cozy car and a projector that projects a cheesy romance movie onto the garage wall probably describes the absolute dream date.

This dream now becomes reality in the drive-in theater in Berlin Schönfeld. In front of the giant screen, the audience can park with their cars to watch amazing movies in a unique scenery and environment. The cinema’s own radio channel then connects with the radio of the car, which creates a unique sound inside your vehicle.

The high-quality and high-resolution image makes the whole experience similar to an ordinary visit to the cinema, except you are seated in your own car next to your loved on and able to enjoy some privacy. The cinema presents brand new movies like Disney’s ‘Pan’, which is released on October 15 in German cinemas. The catering offer also ranges from delicious burgers, nachos and popcorn to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Retro and vintage fans definitely should try the drive-in theater in the Hans Grade Allee 54 in Berlin Schönefeld with their loved ones.

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