In todays’ world, electronic devices are not only required to possess functionality and quality. They should impress with an outstanding and well thought-out design as they are considered a crucial and valuable part of your home’s interior design.

French musician Jean Michel Jarre was aware of that and founded his own company Jarre Technologies® in 2005 to produce and distribute hi-tech products to users that place importance on design and style. Inspired by his past in the music industry and driven by his passion for music he created the so-called AeroSkull HD+ with 30-watt speakers and a 60-watt subwoofer that ensures an intense and pure sound. The multimedia device is shaped like a skull and is furthermore provided with a matching remote control in the shape of a bone.

If however skulls aren’t your cup of tea, fear not. Jean Michel Jarre has also brought out the AeroBull, a French bulldog sporting specs with built-in speakers.

The AeroSkull HD+ retails for 599€ and the AeroBull costs 1499€ on

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