Have you ever visited Prague, the pearl of Vltava? If so, you’ll know exactly how fascinating this uniquely enchanting city can be. Prague is special in a lot of ways: for one, it’s one of the few cities that received relatively little damage during the wars. Secondly, the city looks like a painting straight out the 1920’s. As a plus, it is incredibly budget-friendly towards tourists!

The buildings were built in an art deco and art nouveau style, and are very well maintained. If you’re looking for culture, the sheer number of museums will surely whet your appetite. If you’re one for a fun night out, you’ll be pleased to find they have a lot of bars and clubs. The beautiful skyline shines alongside incredible prices – a beer costs 1€ or less. If you’ve ever dreamt of going back in time to become a 1920’s business traveller, be sure to visit Prague. It’s a place where the old and the new meet toe to toe; it’s where culture encounters history.