We’re all about the popular ethno style this week, and I’ve been itching to introduce a very special element of their design to you. Let’s hear it for: fringes!

Fans of the bohemian go crazy over fringes, which can be used in many different ways. They embellish shoes, jackets and backpacks; they refine ponchos; they highlight the thrilling look of suede jackets.

What makes these modern elements so popular? They simply transform any garment and accessory into a one-of-a-kind piece. With the addition of some dynamic and fresh fringes, outfits can instantly look much more lively and fashionable. That’s why fashionistas and celebrities around the world adore them, and they currently dominate the runways at numerous fashion events.
Fringes can decorate the seam of a poncho or up the wow factor of a pair of ethnic leather boots, and many brands also make use of them to embellish bags and backpacks. An indigenous jacket with appliquéd fringes on both fronts will definitely guarantee you some attention!
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