Want to spice up your look with some matching accessories? As you probably know, one of the biggest trends right now is the Bohemian look, which is mostly represented by colourful prints, ponchos, maxi dresses and extraordinary feather accessories. Regardless of what you’re looking for – headgear, bracelets or necklaces – feathers are THE must-have piece to complete your unique look with.

Feathers have taken over the streets of the big cities, and are a huge highlight of the bohemian style. They can be easily integrated into the outfits and are real eye-catchers, thanks to their versatility and their depiction of the typical ethno style. Why not try wearing a long feather earring, but only on one side? When you combine this with a back braid, attention can be focused on the outstanding detail of the feather. Even hairbands can be embellished with feathers – you can choose to let your hair either fall behind or upon your shoulder. You can even combine various feather accessories, but be careful and remember: less is more!

Natural colours and materials are very popular nowadays, and that’s is why I recommend choosing a natural color scheme. The combination of leather and feathers can be particularly lovely. Of course, you can also go with some colourful options, provided they match your outfit. If you haven’t found the right jewelry yet, why not DIY something using leather straps, metal chains and feathers?

Further Info: www.finefeatherheads.com