The maritime look is modern; it’s no longer monotonous and uniform. The sailors’ outfit used to be limited to a few select shades, but all that has changed today. The numerous playful shades of blue, including marine blue, are irresistible to many fashionistas!

Colour gradients, blue-on-blue patterns or simple but powerful monochromatic creations. Blue gives dresses, t-shirts and pullovers a certain intensive radiance. It has a distinctive charm that strikes the eye directly, reminding us of the maritime look. Even the specific shade inspired by the sailor’s uniform has a gleaming hue. Blue is (kinda) the new black, and is inextricably linked with the sailor’s look.

Perhaps almost all blue pieces of clothing remind me of the sea. Blue fashion is a must for the modern wardrobe. It begins with jeans fashion, which is no longer avoidable today. Denim blue can be wonderfully combined with marine-blue: while double-denim is one thing, a mixture of different blue shades is something else entirely. Stretch yourselves and create a new colour composition!

Blue with blue always goes well, really. Of course, you can choose to place some individual accents by casting a single garment into the spotlight. The deep-blue pullover can be worn in a modern manner when combined with a grey washed tube and jeans jacket. Men too can combine blue fashion skillfully and easily, and all they need otherwise is a single black pair of jeans!

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