Earlier today, I wrote about the label, Kiniki, which has made some innovative leaps in the field of beach fashion. This British underwear and beachwear label has finally succeeded in developing a specially patented material that allows the sun’s rays to penetrate through it – with Transol®, UV-rays will pass through the material, ensuring an even tan. And this discovery should, of course, be enjoyed be men and women alike! I can very well imagine that there are many men who too yearn for the eradication of tanlines. And now, they can achieve that without stripping off entirely.

Kiniki’s summer line, named Amalfi, has something that would give these men cause to rejoice. Just like with the women’s collection, the men’s creations are also extraordinarily colourful. The various tightly cut swimming trunks are also printed with explosive patterns, all of them reminiscent of the exotic feathers of birds. The creations for him seem even more extravagant than their female counterparts to me, possibly because I rarely encounter such striking designs for men. Nonetheless, it is tremendously refreshing to run into someone who’s fancy and knows it; someone who’s not afraid to show off his true colours at the beach!

Further Info: www.kiniki.com