Oh, the loveliness of summer! It’s just barely arrived, but we’ve already forgotten all our complaints about the cold German weather. The first rays of the sun bring with them the desire to spend some time on the beach, and if you want to cut a fine figure in the blazing sun and/or the cooling waters, you’ll need to think about cladding yourself in the latest swimwear.

The elegant pieces of swimwear label Opera will certainly help with that. The label specialises in the elegant and luxurious side of beach-compatible fashion, with their intensive colours and patterns delivering a touch of the exotic. It’s like a grown-up, glamorous version of Boho style. The bikini in colourful zig-zag patterns appears intricate and summery, and brings a dynamic swing to the classically-cut bikini.

Meanwhile, the black swimsuit with golden details has a rather luxurious appearance. Refined cutouts and hardware elements result in a minimalistic and elegant look, which feels somewhat noble while remaining wearable thanks to its simple but effective design. With these feminine creations by Opera, wearers can live out their glamorous everyday style even while lounging on the beach. These are absolutely perfect for swimmers who possess a taste for fine creations!

Further Info: www.myopera.info