A little sporty, a little chic, a little feminine. Discover the ultimate in refined menswear for the autumn and winter of 2015Ivanman has always managed to impress and captivate viewers at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and things were no different at this year’s event. The designer derives an obvious inspiration from the sport of skiing, but Ivanman’s materials and forms also serve others well – even those who would prefer not to glide down snowy hills on two slim wooden boards attached to their feet!

This refreshing collection is particularly characterised by its exciting mixture of sovereignty and mischievousness. Robust coats and jackets, shirts and pullunders, turtle necks and sweat shirts come together in stylistic combinations.

Especially striking is the daring, yet perfectly designed colour palette. While orange, violet, a beigey-white and magenta give the numerous cheeky accents a showy intensity, everything comes together again in a peaceful black shade that forms the basis of the collection. IVANMAN plays with different and distinctive collar shapes – they can be completely open, rolled, or buttoned. The label proves that a collar alone can set the tone for the entire outfit! Throw on a pink, soft t-shirt with a violet shirt and shrug on a powerful and warm black coat – there you have the perfect recipe to combat the days of frost. Dressed in IVANMAN, one repels the winter with the ease of a smile, awakening thoughts of the first blooms of spring.

More Info: ivanman.com/collection